The QHB Team

DerrickHello, my name is Derrick. My first contact with my own deeper mind happened when I was 23 years old, months after completing my undergraduate degree in physics. The experience was dramatic, profound, and incredibly pleasurable. It lasted about 17 hours and changed most of my ideas about life, religion, humanity, and the universe. Afterwards, I spent many years studying and experimenting with consciousness to find a way to get back into that heightened state of awareness and connection with my higher mind. In 2013, Dolores Cannon taught me a way to do that and now I share this experience with others. I thoroughly enjoy helping people enter these heightened states of consciousness, so that they can experience expanded versions of themselves, and ultimately live happier and more fulfilling lives.

My job is to get you in touch with the part of your mind that has the answers. Once you are connected with that part of your mind, it will sort you and your life out, because it knows what your real problems are, and how to resolve them better than anyone. Nobody can help you better than your own higher self. That is why the higher self or deeper mind is The Ultimate Therapist. Big you helping little you. After which, I help you adjust to the experience and understand the message.

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