I’m a big skeptic, so I surprised myself a lot when I decided to try this therapy. It was different from what I had imagined, and it was better than I had imagined. I personally experienced it as a way to speak to myself more freely, on a deeper level, and much more sincerely than I had been trying to do on my own (and I had been trying long and hard for some time). There was no blacking out, no loss of control like I was nervously expecting. There was just this calm opportunity to concentrate and open up somewhere within yourself. What really helped me a lot, was Derrick’s personality: he was very thoughtful, sincere, easy going, and just extremely comfortable to be around, both outside of the session and during the session. He explained everything very distinctly, made sure that I followed everything and overall treated me both very politely and as a dear old friend. And to this day I believe, I would never have realized some important things about myself if not for this session. The only thing I regret is that I can’t do one more session – there are always more questions later – because I happen to be on a different continent from Derrick now. I’m greatly thankful to him though. – Olga Murray


I was advised to contact Derrick to try a session with him through a trusted friend which is important when dealing with the likes of regression and any other form of deep journeying within.  There was trust with Derrick and therefore the session could go forth without fear or doubt. After an initial conversation you are advised to think of 20 or so questions you would like to ask yourself when in deep relaxation and speaking to your higher self.  I feel it is important to take time for this to really ask questions that you want answered. The session was gentle and peaceful and Derrick guides you well through wherever your inner / higher self takes you. The most I got from the experience was information and understanding in some areas and some wild and extremely clear visions of far far away places. When in this state you can see and feel emotions and places but at any time you also feel that you can just stop and get up, so you are still in control as it were. We all need to understand ourselves fully during our life and I highly recommend one of your methods of discovering or healing yourself would be with a session or two with Derrick. – Edward Phillips


In a single session of what could be many hours, Derrick gently guides, allowing ones self to direct and live the character, or characters, of that that you have been before. My own personal experience revealed a life on a distant new world, with technologically advanced cities, and spacecraft of colossal dimensions. I experienced powerful emotional events, including family loss, death, and eventually a sense of total bliss and oneness. I was given the opportunity to directly question my spirit on health issues, and other personal matters. The remarkable, and likable Derrick Johnson, and the powerful system of hypnosis he has trained in, together will help you reignite the memories and visions of past lives and worlds, and provide valuable messages and truths that you cannot possibly ignore. It’s simply a must for anybody out there searching for a tangible, visual, and spiritual experience, to take home, and add to the very top of the video collection. But be warned. It may be stuck on replay for a long while after. – Neil Woodgate


I’ve never done anything like this before however have been very curious so when I met Derrick I thought let’s just do it. Derrick explains the process in a very easy and comforting way. The actual session was a very enlightened experience and gave me a lot of new perspectives on life and how to deal with things that have happened. I came away with an overall new way of looking at things. At the time of and after the session I got some real key learnings out of it however it didn’t actually settle in as much as until about 5-6 months after the session when I finally listened to the recording. Things really started to fall into place and things started to make more sense. Now I feel I’ve learned a lot about acceptance of self and of the way things are. I’d recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and about life in general. If you’re dealing with issues or if you just want to improve on certain things in areas of your life then I’d highly recommend it. Great experience. Thank you! – Stoewie van den Bulk


My session with Derrick was an experience that was both unique and helpful. With Derrick’s guidance, my session opened a doorway to information which gave me new and useful perspectives on several personal issues. These fresh perspectives helped me to make a positive, life-changing travel decision and also helped me reduce anxiety in two specific areas I had been struggling with. One year on, I am still benefiting from the knowledge gained during my session. After the session, Derrick took time to discuss the experience with me and provided me with tools so I could return to the recording of my session and extract further insights. I would recommend a session with Derrick to anyone who is struggling with personal issues or fears that are preventing them from leading the life they imagine – as the experience can open up entirely new pathways around your “blocks” and help you move forward on a positive path again. – JB Allen