Private Sessions

Before your session, you will be required to prepare a written list of at least 12 questions you want to get answered or things you want addressed during your session. More than 12 questions is fine and the questions can be about anything. (See sample questions under FAQs.)

Private Session Price: US$250 (3.3 million Rp)

A typical session lasts 5 hours and includes 3 parts:

Interview & Session Preparation ( approx 1.5 hours) – The therapist will interview you, review your list of questions with you and help you refine them, answer any last minute questions you may have and prepare you for your session.

Therapy Session (approx 2.5 hours) – While you are lying down and relaxed, the therapist will guide you into the inner recesses of  your mind to contact your deeper mind. Once the connection is made, your deeper mind will take you on an inner journey to an appropriate time and place you in scenes so that you can gain the understanding you need. After we have traveled through the scenes that your higher mind wants you to see and understand, we will communicate with it directly to get the answers to your list of questions.

Post Session Review (approx 1 hour) – The therapist will review your session with you, fill in any gaps in your memory, review the answers you received during the session, and pass you the session recording. (Note: The experience and amount of information received is usually life changing. It is probably best to leave the rest of the day free so that you can begin to process what happened during your session.)


Group Sessions

Group sessions are more for entertainment purposes and allow participants to get a taste of the process in a comfortable group setting.

Group Session Price: US$200 (2.5 million Rp) per group (of up to 25 participants)

A typical group session lasts 3 to 4 hours and includes 4 parts: a session preparation, a journey to a past life, a journey to a future life, a journey to meet your spirit guide or guardian angel, and time for participants to share their experiences with the group.

Session Preparation ( approx 45 minutes) – The therapist will explain the process, help the group members set their intentions, and take the group through some guided meditations to prepare them for the journeys.

Journey to a Past Life (approx 45 minutes) – While the group is lying down and relaxed, the therapist will guide the participants into and around a past life to collect information that may be useful to your current life.

Journey to a Future Life (approx 45 minutes) – The group will be guided 100, 200, or 300 years into the future and through a future lifetime to collect information that may be useful to the present lifetime.

Journey to meet Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel (approx 30 minutes) – The group will be taken on a journey to meet, interact with, and communicate with their spirit guide or guardian angel.

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