Will I be out? Will I remember the session? 

You are never “out” during this session. You will be talking with the therapist, answering questions, receiving and relaying information, and aware of what’s happening in your environment the whole time. Most people remember roughly 80% of their session. It’s a little long, so naturally people will forget a few things. But everything that happened, including the answers received will be covered in the post session review.


Can I get stuck in the heightened state of awareness?

The experience of connecting with your deeper mind will feel extremely good for most people and you will probably want to stay in that state for as long as possible. But the short answer is no, you cannot get stuck.


Will I be under the therapist’s control during the session?

No. This process is discussion, Q&A, and guided imagery, very much like a guided meditation or an active daydream. You will be aware, able to talk, make jokes, and even lie if you want to.


What kind of questions can I ask?

Honestly, you can ask about absolutely anything. It’s your session. But there is a limited amount of session time to get questions answered. Most people show up with somewhere around 17 questions. There is probably time enough to cover around 30. But please come up with at least 12 questions and try to group them into categories if you can.

Here are some sample questions:

What is my mission or purpose in life?
What should I do next?
What’s the real reason I am sick?
Why do I have this physical problem? Please heal it.
Why am I the way I am? Why am I angry all the time?
Why is Jane in my life? What role do we play in each others lives?
Why do I feel different from other people, like I don’t belong?
How can I improve my relationship with John?
Do I have spirit guides? Who are they?
Do I have past lives? What was I?
How can I overcome writer’s block and improve my productivity?
What type of work would make me happiest and a lot of money?
What is the best way for me to resolve the conflict with Jim?
Why am I so afraid of water? Why do I feel so connected to nature?
What happens after we die?
Where is my dead uncle Joe now and how is he doing? Can I talk to him?
Do aliens/guardian angels/spirit guides really exist?
What are my biggest blocks in life and how can I remove them?
What steps could I take to move closer to the happiest ideal version of my life?
Why don’t I remember my childhood? Did something happen? What happened?
Why did I have that accident?
How can I quit smoking/lose weight/be healthy? Can you help me?
What should I do about X?
Why is my wife having trouble getting pregnant?  What should we do?
How can I make the change I want and do it in a way that is best for the people around me?
How can I make enough money to live doing what I love?
What is the story with my brother? How can I help him?

Whew! There ought to be something in that list to get your creative juices flowing. The therapist will go over and help you tweak your questions during the session prep. So just do the best you can with them.


Why are some requests for healing or communication considered not appropriate?

Problems we experience with our bodies are oftentimes messages or communications from our deeper mind to change something. When we heed these messages and make the changes the problems often resolve themselves. During a session we are able to query the deeper mind directly about physical problems and their real cause. If the deeper mind feels that the person has learned the lesson or grasped the message sufficiently, then it may go ahead and heal the problem immediately. But it won’t usually heal a physical problem if the person hasn’t sufficiently gotten the message. Taking away the problem would be taking away that person’s learning opportunity or opportunity for growth.

The point is that there are times when the higher mind will not fulfill our request because from its expanded viewpoint, it sees that our request is ultimately not in our best interest at that particular point in time.


What is the higher self or deeper mind like? It sounds scary. Is it something I should be afraid of?

You never have to feel afraid of your deeper mind or higher self and what it might show you.

Imagine having a best friend who is always by your side, loves you dearly and is ready to help you in any way that they can but won’t ever go against your free will. Now imagine that best friend has super powers and access to all knowledge, so that they know exactly what you need to know to live a happier life, they know what you are ready for and what you are not ready for, and they know how to deliver the information to you in the way that is best for you. That’s what the deeper mind or higher self is like – a happy, empowered, better informed version of you that is your constant best friend. And since they are your best friend, they also want you to feel good, loved, encouraged, empowered, and supported. And so that’s how people usually feel coming out of a session. Not always, but usually.


Is there any danger involved in this process?

No, not at all. The process is completely safe and usually very enjoyable. Again most people want to do it again or don’t want the session to end. Also, protection is built into the process so that anything not positive and loving is kept out during the session. The only danger is that you might fall asleep, but we won’t let that happen.


Can my partner be in the room during my session?

That’s a great question, and the answer is no. No partners or significant others or friends or family are allowed in the session. In order for the session to work, you will need to open up and share some details about your life and with a loved one present, there maybe some discomfort in doing that. This is therapy.


What if I see or experience something I don’t want to see or experience?

If you go into any scenes that have something unpleasant happening you will have the option of going through the experience from a 1st person perspective without feeling anything, or from a 3rd person perspective as an observer of the scene.


Can I have a little coffee on the day of the session? I am addicted…

In general, the answer is no. You are asked to avoid alcohol and consciousness altering drugs the 24-hour-period before your session and coffee the day of your session because these substances generally interfere and make it difficult to reach the deeper mind. And reaching the deeper mind is the real reason you want to have a session.


What if I have more questions after the session?

Many people do have more questions after their first session. But before taking another session, it is very important to take some time to listen to the recording of the first session. A lot of information is transmitted during a session and it will take you some time to process it, integrate it, and apply it in your life. Your higher mind is usually more helpful in future sessions when you have actually listened and applied some of the suggestions or advice it has given you.


Is this hypnosis?

This process would better be described and thought of as a guided meditation or daydream than hypnosis. The word “hypnosis” conjures images in most people’s minds, of people becoming mind controlled zombies. That is not what this process is. At no point in time during this process are you ever not aware or not in control or not talking. Again, you are aware, you are in control, and you are talking and communicating throughout the entire session. If not, the session recording would be boring and we don’t want that.


How can I best prepare for my session?

Great question. Work on and write down your questions on paper. Practice physically relaxing yourself or meditating daily. Avoid alcohol and drugs and coffee the 24 hours before your session.


Does everyone see a past life?

Another great question. No, not everyone sees a past life. What you see and the scenes you visit are chosen by your deeper mind based on your questions and your life problems. Once we make contact with your deeper mind, it’s first priority is to give you the information that you need for this life, and next the information that you want. Your higher mind will take you to the most appropriate time and place for you to get the understanding that you need. That may be a past life, slices of past lives (if you need to recognize a pattern that you keep repeating), scenes from the current life or even a future life (if there is something that you need to see there). Some people don’t see anything like that and jump right into dialogue with the higher mind. Your own higher or deeper mind knows what you need and is in control, so we look to see what it is trying to show us.


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